Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lesson 1 - Purpose of Research

Dear students,

Welcome back to SST. For this week's IRS lessons, please refer to

download articles that are used in this lesson.

The objective of this lesson is the Purpose of Research.

Your IRS teacher will guide you through the materials.



 Introduction (10 mins) 

·       Introduce the teacher to students
·       Recall that that IRS programme in 2011 was just an introduction for them
·       For 2012, students are now given 55 periods of lesson time to develop the skills required.
·       15 periods is given to the IRS teachers while 40 periods is given to the ISS teachers. They have also completed 4 components during their holidays as Holiday homework for Science.
·       Highlight the importance of the IRS programme in Sec 2.
·       Show the Mindmap to show the students the relationships between the IRS / ISS and the Science Holiday Homework last year (2011) 

Development (30 mins)
·       Get the students to read the article “What research can contribute to social policy?”  
From the article, ask the students to identify the purpose of research in the essay in less than 100 words and post on the Blog page as a comment.
·       Refer students to the example of research on Navigation and ask them to identify the new knowledge and how the knowledge affects the lives of others. Post their response on the Blog as a comment.
·       For this section, teacher may ask students to post on the Blog or in groups, highlight the new knowledge and how the knowledge affects the lives of others.
Conclusion (10 mins)
·       Conclude the lesson on the importance of this lesson’s aims when designing their ISS project.
·       Ask them in their given project titles that they have proposed so far, how their research project will affect the lives of others. (You may read the list of proposed projects that they have submitted so far to check whether the knowledge that they are going to create is going to affect the lives of others.
·       Examples include:
·       An Investigation of the sound levels in the SST campus so as to reduce the impacts of the noise pollution due to the traffic on the Commonwealth Avenue west and the MRT lines near SST. 
*     Ask students to relate the purpose of research to APPLIED LEARNING and see if there are parallels.